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The Sewickley Hills Borough Building is situated in a 50-acre park. Before the creation of the Quaker Valley School District in the 1950’s, the property was the location of a family-owned farm and a one-room school. But times changed, the school was torn down and the farm was sold.

The park now houses a log cabin style borough building, multi-purpose recreational field, fire pit, and nature trail. The borough building contains administrative offices along with a Great Room available to rent for meetings, events, birthday & graduation parties, and bridal & baby showers.

The Great Room is just over 1500 square feet, measuring 38' x 40' and includes use of full kitchen, covered front porch and side yard with a fire pit.

For additional rental information, please contact the borough at (412) 741-4891 or (412) 741-4892.

Amenities & Fee Schedule


  • The Great Room is 38 x 40 feet (100 guest capacity)
  • Includes use of full kitchen, covered front porch, side yard with fire pit
  • You may bring your own caterer
  • Handicap accessible building, rest rooms and parking
  • Key code access to the building on the day of your rental after 5:00 a.m.
  • There is no key to access the building, you will be provided with a code to open the door

AMENITIES (approximate counts) 

  • 6’ x 2.4’ tables - (25)
  • Padded chairs - (100)
  • Card tables - (8)
  • Folding chairs - (26)


  • Garbage cans and bags
  • Toilet tissue
  • Paper towels (bathroom only)
  • Cleaning products including dish detergent
  • Broom and dustpan


  • Resident of Sewickley Hills Borough - $225.00
  • Non-resident - $600.00
  • Damage deposit - $300.00

To request additional information or to initiate rental, please contact the borough at (412) 741-4891 or (412) 741-4892.

Pre-Event Set-up

  • Once payment is received in full, you will receive a key code to access the building the day of the event
  • You have access to the building beginning at 5 a.m. the day of the event
  • Hanging on the left side of the door there is a hex key to unlock the front door - to activate, fully press the bar in and turn key until it stay in place
  • You may set up the Great Room in any configuration you like
  • There is a large, front closet storage area containing all the tables and chairs
  • Padded chairs and large tables are for indoor use only
  • Card tables and folding chairs may be utilized on the covered porch
  • Please avoid opening the back door by the men's room
  • You are welcome to use anything in the cupboards. Please return to original location after event

Post-Event Clean-up

  • Golden rule - please return everything back to the condition in which you found it
  • Plan on the event ending prior to 10 p.m. to give enough time to return items to original locations and tidy the building
  • Place all tables and chairs back in the closet where and how they were stored prior to your event
  • Return any other furniture, including rocking chairs, to its original location
  • Please remove all decorations including balloons, street signs, road signs, signs posted on borough property
  • Please pick up large food and trash from the floor
  • Additional garbage bags are located under the sink, please use as many as needed
  • Take ALL garbage bags, including bathroom garbage bags, to the dumpster located near the end of the parking lot
  • Please double-check to remove all food from refrigerator, freezer and microwave
  • If you've removed shelves from the refrigerator, please replace
  • All renters and guests must leave the premise by no later than 11:00 p.m.  If not adhered to, there is a mandatory $30 inconvenience fee for the cleaning crew
  • When leaving, turn off all lights and double-check all windows and all three doors are pulled shut and locked.  This is a security issue and very important. Please ensure the front door's crash bar has been released and the hex key returned to its original location to the left of the door.
  • Please text (412) 600-5215 when leaving the building

* Failure to follow these steps can result in a partial or complete forfeiture of the $300 security deposit.  Please help us keep our rental rates low.